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Video: MAN AND BEAST - Part 21 (Thử bấm f5 một hoặc hai lần nếu không xem được video)

ALL CREDITS ARE LISTED BELOW...WITH LINKS Songs: Forgotten Shore From Scales To Feathers (Thirsty Lizard Mix) Kaddish (Instrumental Version) By Dhruva Aliman Video Clips from the following, IN ORDER-- Attenborough_ the amazing Lyre Bird sings like a chainsaw! high quality - BBC LeopardKill Leopard Seal gives a penguin present High-Velocity Falcon Birds - peregrine falcon dives at 180 mph - Ultimate Killers - BBC wildlife Run With Lions. Marlice Van Der Merwe (Rus) part 2 woman drinking with lions ( Marlice Van Der Merwe) Wanna slap her? (Хочешь ее шлепнуть?) COPYRIGHT OWNERS PLEASE READ BELOW--- In exchange for your amazing clips I'd like to offer you free production music from my music library to use in your youtube videos. Go to my site to check out my tunes-- And if you want to hear all of them (over a hundred tracks), contact me directly and I will give you a link to play them all. I use these clips in good faith under the "Fair Use" law and give credit to all the uploaders on the video itself as well as in the description. Also my videos get millions of hits and help drive traffic to your channels. If there is a clip you absolutely do not want on my video compilations then please email me and I will PROMTLY take down the video and replace your clip with something else, and then re-upload the video. There is no need to file a copyright claim. Emailing me will be faster! Thanks.

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